Solving The Global Health Crisis with VR

About Virtuary

There are alot of issues with not having fundamental systems for medical care in many developing countries. While some of those issues are solved using telemedicine, issues like misdiagnosis still happen because the patients are not physically/virtually interacting with their doctors.

Virtuary is focused on creating Virtual Hospital systems to take a look at how we can reinvent telemedical models, to provide patients in developing countries a right for healthcare.

The main goal of Virtuary is aiming to provide doctors and patients from all over the world a chance for 3D medical visualization, patient connection and interactive experiences to learn from.

What We Do


Virtual Reality

Using Virtual Reality to enhance telemedicine communication by providing virtual connection for doctors & patients

3D Medical Visualization

Having a 3 dimensional lens to view anatomy structures, patients and diseases virtually, to prevent misdiagnosis.

Access to Medical Experts

Virtuary allows doctors to view patients in real time (virtually) even in developing country clinics for medical consultation and training.

Virtual Hospitals will revolutionize the way we view VR and allow us to reinvent basic medicine techniques

-Riya Mehta
Founder, Virtuary


Recent Projects

Developing Virtual Hospital Models

Using 3D/VR software, we have built a vision of the settings in the virtual hospital & what doctors would see when exploring the interface .

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The Intersection of VR & Global Health

This project explores more depth into the issues faced in global health and what we are doing with virtual reality to bridge those gaps

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Virtual Reality-An Innovative Industry

This project explains the applications/power of Virtual Reality, & how we can use VR to solve the world's biggest problems

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